About Me

Who am I

Emiliana is an Italian multidisciplinary designer based in London.

Fascinated by anything that stimulates her imagination and constantly seeking for new ideas. Emiliana through accessories design has found an artistic medium that naturally enhances and explores her personality with a particular focus on footwear that comes from the belief that any collection is built on details.


Having recently graduated from a MA in Fashion Footwear at London College of Fashion, Emiliana’s work aims to overturn the classical idea of shoes through the introduction of innovative and extreme materials, creating experimental pieces for exhibitions and performances. The resulting objects serves as an example of new functional possibilities in the approach or in the construction of shoes.


She has recently held a performance at the Victoria and Albert Museum during the London Design Week and some of her pieces were exhibited at the Victoria House Basement. Her previous collection has been published in Vogue Talents 2011.