A is for Orlando



“Truth! Truth! Truth! we have no choice left but confess — he was a woman...”


Is it possible for a male born human being to become a female? For sure in the fictition of a novel this transformation is much easier than in the real world, as in the famous Virginia Woolf ‘s “Orlando”. The character man by birth, “HE_ FOR THERE could be no doubt of his sex, though the fashion of the time did something to disguise it...” after many events overnight turns into a woman, as Virginia Wolf puts it: “The change seemed to have been accomplished painlessly and completely and in such a way that Orlando herself showed no surprise at it”.


The starting point of this collection is precisely this metamorphosis, both related to clothing and accessories. The continous search for elements which embody typical features of the opposite sex, paves the way for an interwoven fabric giving rise to hybrid figures. The assumption is that they never give up their underlying nature, avoiding the risk of camouflage and aiming to that ideal of strenght and grace which Virginia Woolf considers to be the pillar of physical harmony.


The use of neutral color fabrics and leathers , typical of tualle, alongside with man shoes and embroidery in both silhouttes, is meant to emphasise the ambiguity of the clothes and accessories which ideally are moving in a grey area where the imaginary boundary between masculine and feminine is located.